HOUSTON A young woman who said she fatally stabbed her boyfriend after he attacked her at their southeast Houston apartment may have actually been jealous over another woman, according to Houston police.

Lauren Callis, 23, was charged with murder.

Callis told investigators she and her boyfriend, Demarcus West, had been dating for four years and had a child together. She was returning home from a nightclub on July 21 when the two began to argue. Callis said West did not like the fact that she was coming in at 2 a.m., and the argument got physical.

Callis said West threw her down on the floor and restrained her with the weight of his body. He then tried choking her by pushing his knee into her neck and throat area, but she managed to push him off. Callis said she ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife for protection. She said when she returned to the bedroom with the knife West asked her, Are you going to stab me?

Investigators said she then stabbed him once in the chest.

Callis said West stumbled and collapsed in the hallway while she called 911. She then tried to perform CPR on her wounded boyfriend.

Investigators felt some of her claims did not quite add up.

Investigators noted that Callis purse and cell phone were on the couch and she could have easily ran for help from the apartment, rather than grabbing a knife and returning to the bedroom to continue the fight.

They also did not see bruising consistent with her story. Investigators listened to the 911 call and did not hear her trying to revive him; they just heard her keep telling West to get up, according to court documents.

Callis told investigators she had to call police several times in the past because West abused her, but no records of those claims were found. Investigators did, however, find four cases where West called police about Callis violence.

Investigators discovered West had been romantically involved with another woman for the past two years. The woman said on the night he was killed, West told her he was going to end things with Callis. The other woman said that Callis knew of their relationship and the two women even fought before when Callis came to her apartment.

West s mother and sister said they both witnessed Callis get physically aggressive with West in the past because of her jealousy.

Investigators interviewed three of West s ex-girlfriends, one whom he had another child with, and all women described him as a gentle, kind person that liked to avoid confrontation.

The women said West was a lover, not a fighter.

Callis bail was set at $50,000.

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