AUSTIN, Texas--- A larger-than-expected class of entering freshmen at the University of Texas is causing housing headaches both on and off campus.

According to UT Housing officials, about 800 extra freshmen are trying to get housing on campus.The problem is, it s on afirst-come, first-served basis, and now hundreds are on a waiting list.Freshmen at UT are not required tolive on campus.

UT Housing is now working with Texas Parents,an association of UT parents, tohelp students find housing both on and off campus.

That is a huge impact on housing in Central Austin. I mean it's like a large company all of a sudden hiring 500 to1,000 people and they all want to live in a similar area, said Karen Orsak with Metro Realty.

Orsak said parents and students will have to be more flexible this fall semester about where they can find available housing.

It's going to take a little longer. Sometimes we have cancellations.It's a smattering here and there. It's not just one central location that they can go and find the opportunities, said Orsak.

For more information on available housing, click here to go to the Texas Parents Association website:
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