CONROE The mother of one of the Conroe teens accused of ransacking and burglarizing an elderly neighbor s home said police have got it all wrong.

I feel like it s being blown out of proportion, said the woman who asked not to be identified.

She said just prior to the incident all four of the teens were hanging out at her house. They had only been gone for an hour before they were apprehended by authorities.

There s no way they could have done that in so short a period of time, she said.

Authorities believe the teens rummaged through the house in the River Plantation Subdivision, and then smashed a television and shattered glass. They said they trashed the house, smearing ice cream and punching holes into walls.

The teens were arrested on Thursday.

All of them are currently being held in juvenile detention.

The elderly homeowner, who lost her husband earlier this year, has been staying with a friend and hasn t lived in the house for several months.

The mother of one of the suspects believes other vandals could have caused the damage.

I feel like they re putting a lot of blame on these kids that shouldn t be theirs just because they re the ones that got caught, she said.

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