HOUSTON What used to be a grassy area that sometimes carried water to the Brazos River, is now a full-fledged canyon near Richmond.

The Grand Canyon took millions of years to form, but Richmond s took minutes, thanks to 10 inches of rain early Saturday morning.

Now, there is a waterfall and an 80-foot deep canyon.

This is pretty risky standing here, said one neighbor on home video shot as the canyon was forming on Saturday.

Huge sections of earth for more than a quarter mile are simply gone, the bottom littered with debris. The 5-foot drainage conduit looks like a tinker toy, with 4-foot pipe crushed, and most troubling, a main natural gas transmission line now completely exposed.

This was flat. This was completely flat, said resident Alana Van Slyke. But now that same space is an 80-foot cliff.

In some of the neighbors homes they could actually feel it in their houses, the ones that are living along here, and that is pretty scary when you can actually feel it in your home, said Van Slyke.

On Saturday, 10 inches of rain fell in just under 6 hours in Richmond, causing extensive flooding.

But then, the earth started giving way.

What is now the canyon is supposed to be a small drainage canal that leads to the Brazos River about 500 yards away.

There are about 80 homes in the River Forest development, and residents are worried about what s developed in their backyards.

That is what we are saying, what now? Because we haven t really gotten any answers. We don t know and that is what our concern is when it hits that bridge, Van Slyke said.

That bridge is now just a few hundred feet from nature s newest canyon.

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