HOUSTON -- Houston police launched an investigation as parents wondered how a child got a hold of a loaded gun that injured two boys and a girl Tuesday at Ross Elementary School in the Houston Independent School District.

The incident happened in the 2800 block of Bay Street in northeast Houston. HISD police said the boy brought a loaded handgun to school, which accidentally went off when it fell from his pocket in the cafeteria. A single bullet grazed the 6-year-old who brought the gun, 6-year-old Khoran Brown, who suffered a lower leg wound, and 5-year-old Za'Keyah Thomas, who was wounded in the knee.

One of the boys was released from the hospital Tuesday night and the other two students were still listed in stable condition.

They are all doing great actually. Their spirits are happy. You know some of them are playing video games. They are smiling, said Dr. David Delemos with Texas Children s Hospital. Right now they are happy, but it is hard to predict how a child will react down the road. Children can certainly get post- traumatic-stress disorder, issues with post-traumatic stress. That is something real.

Texas law is clear: having a gun within a child's reach is a crime. The 6-year-old may not face criminal charges, but HISD has a zero-tolerance policy and he will likely be sent to one of the district's alternative education schools.

[If] this is the second incident this doesn't seem like much of a safe school for kids, to me. said Kesha Brown, a Houston resident.

A parent or a guardian of the student may now face felony charges.

You keep loaded guns around where children can get them, it's not just a tragedy waiting to happen, it's criminal responsibility on your behalf, as well, said KHOU 11 News Legal Expert Gerald Treece.

At the end of the day, HISD said it is a parent's responsibility, as much as theirs, to keep schools safe.

[The] greatest pair of eyes is the parents checking, making sure what their children are either bringing to school, or taking home from school, said HISD Chief Elementary Schools Officer Sam Sarabia.

HISD said it will have increased security and crisis counselors on hand Wednesday.

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