HOUSTON -- In a matter of seconds Friday evening, the Silverfield Townhomes in southwest Houston played host to an inferno.

I just heard windows cracking and my husband told me to get out, said Diana Harris, who was inside her unit when the flames broke out.

She believes the fire started in the unit directly above hers.

That s where the fire began, said Harris. He started it. And he was trying to put it out but it wasn t happening.

The blaze spread rapidly. Passerby Desiree Epps pulled over and shot cell phone video.

And we saw the fire on the right side of the building, said Epps. They got it down on the right side and then it moved to the left side and it exploded.

Fire officials said no one was hurt but 10 units were destroyed, including Harris' unit.

We have everything in there, said Harris. I mean we basically lost everything.

Grisel Murray thought she had lost something more precious than things like clothing and furniture. Air 11 captured the desperate scene as she tried to run into the fire.

And I m running and they had to hold me back, said Murray. My dog. My dog. And they had already got him out.

Murray's dog Shaggy has been her best friend for the last seven years. He got out wet but alive.

The fire department saved my dog, said Murray. God bless them. God bless them.

Firefighters also rescued another pet from the flames. The cause remains under investigation.

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