HOUSTON -- A fire captured on cell phone video Thursday evening was followed by an ominous sight.

I was in my garage and I saw the lighting strike and heard this big old boom, said Renee Lyman who lives in the neighborhood next door.

Within minutes, the La Mirage Resort Apartments were engulfed in flames.

Resident Jimmie Love heard it all begin.

A very loud boom sound, said Love describing the noise. I couldn t tell where it was but I knew it was awfully close.

Love called 911. Residents scrambled to get out. Back in the neighborhood, Debbie Pulido grabbed her camera and started taking pictures. Some of them show firefighters rushing into harm s way on a mission to save lives.

And I m thinking and hoping there s not an elderly person inside or someone who was asleep like a child, said Pulido.

The blaze climbed to two alarms before firefighters could put it out. No residents were hurt but a firefighter was slightly injured. Pulido snapped a picture of him being loaded into an ambulance.

She said she wanted to document how hard firefighters work.

Because you never know seeing these images how hard these firefighters work, said Pulido.

Officials said the fire was likely sparked by a bolt of lightning, something residents still found hard to believe.

I didn t know it could start a fire that fast, said Love. In just 20 to 30 minutes it was into a full blaze.

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