SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonians have been showing Spurs spirit in many creative ways from murals to flags to photos and more, but one man shows his spirit in his hair.

Kawhi Leonard played an amazing game Tuesday night in Miami, helping the Spurs steal a game from Miami. He came through for us he has talent I guess Coach Popovich talked to him and got him to wake up because he's a really excellent player, Spurs fan, Michael Bazan said.

Because of Leonard's success, Bazan decided it was time to get his face on the back of his head.

Oh man he averaged what he made in his two games he averaged in that one quarter, said Bazan.

But this isn't the first time Bazan has had a Spurs player's face plastered onto his own head.

I've gotten the three amigos with Timmy, Parker and Gonobili, Bazan said. The latest when I got was with Timmy Parker Ginobili and Leonard.

Bazan said he does it for every playoff to show his support. I've always done something to support them. I love basketball and I love the game, he said.

Like every Spurs fan he wants them to be victorious tonight, but not to wrap up the series too quickly. They will win it and come back and finish it but I want to enjoy it I want more haircuts, said Bazan.
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