CINCINNTI, Ohio -- Baby monitors are supposed to help parents know their child is safe and sound but a hacker undid all of that for an Ohio couple. Adam and Heather Schreck said they felt violated after they discovered a stranger managed to hack into their baby monitor.

Heather Schreck said she heard a man's voice in the middle of the night, so she checked the baby monitor camera with her cell phone. The camera monitoring her ten-month-old's bedroom was moving by itself - and a voice was yelling at the baby.

About the time I saw it moving, and I also heard a voice again start screaming at my daughter, said Schreck. He was screaming, 'wake up baby. Wake up baby,' and then just a long aaaaahhhh screaming at her, I guess trying to wake her up.

Adam Schreck ran into the baby's room and unplugged the camera.

Tech experts say wireless cameras can open a door directly into your home. They recommend changing your Wi-Fi and camera passwords, but to make sure the password for each is different.

Experts also urge people to stay up-to-date on software security updates.

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