HOUSTON -- Crooks broke in through the roof of a business in the 3500 block of Lockwood and it was caught on surveillance camera.

They've also been known to smash through walls and the employees at the Lockwood Shopping Center have had enough.

We're just fed up with it, the bad guys, said Regina Smith who works at Extraordinary Wear Clothing store.

In the past two years, owners estimate that there have been 15 break-ins and three in the past three months.

The guy who slithered through the roof into the Extraordinary Wear clothing store with a bag in his hand was Thursday morning.

Don't nobody wanna be here, said Chandria Gasper who also works at the clothing store. What if they come in on us.

The crooks got away with mostly merchandise and it's the mess that adds insult to injury.

What they leave behind...the damage this is the problem, said Saeed Ahmed who owns A&R Supermarket.

Scars from past break-ins are just part of the landscape and everyone wants that to change.

Out of sheer desperation, the owners of all of these businesses are pitching to hire a private security guard.

The owner of this property is going one step beyond that and is offering a $1,000 dollar reward for anyone with information that can help solve these break-ins.

Because they always strike at the same time and use the same mode to break-in, the strip mall owners believes it could be the same men.

They're simply asking you to stop by one of the shops and tell them what you know before it becomes too expensive to stay open.

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