SAN ANTONIO -- Sara Mary Clements faced the glare of the media as many suspects do for various crimes. Police say she came to them because the case was getting too hot.

Clements, 24, turned herself in to authorities in connection to the fatal shooting of Alex Navarro early Thursday.

The victim was shot inside his apartment in the 7800 block of Callaghan Road before running to a neighbor's apartment where he collapsed and died, according to investigators.

In the affadavit, Clements admitted to being with Navarro before he was killed. She claimed SAPD would have come looking for her because of text messages she sent to the dead man.

Investigators said they asked to see her cell phone in which she reportedly erased data from the device.

In addition, her alibi seemed vague and lacked details to back up her story, police said. Ultimately, the woman claimed she didn t know who killed Navarro.

Officers said witness accounts the night of the shooting helped build up their case.

Clements is being held on a murder charge. She also has an outstanding theft warrant.

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