CRYSTAL BEACH, Texas Hundreds of music-goers will trek to Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula this weekend to enjoy a two-day music festival and to help build a remote retreat for wounded veterans at the same time.

Texas Frog Fest, featuring a variety of performers including country music stars Tracy Byrd, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Tracy Lawrence, will be held in an open field at 200 Texas Highway 87 between Boyt Road and Gulf Coast Drive.

All proceeds from the concert weekend will benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation the wounded veterans assistance organization founded by former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. He formed the organization in 2010 five years after the now infamous Afghanistan battle that claimed 19 American lives.

Luttrell, whose lone survivor story was profiled in the popular Hollywood movie of the same name, was the only survivor of the initial four man team. A helicopter carrying a quick reaction rescue force was shot down by a rocket propelled grenade killing eight more Navy SEALs and eight U.S. Army Special Operations team members.

Luttrell formed the Lone Survivor Foundation to offer fellow veterans some of the same techniques and approaches that helped him make peace with his demons, his memories and his battles with post traumatic stress. The foundation sponsors remote retreats for soldiers and their families where they can escape their daily lives, work with counselors and each other to work through their problems.

We try to get them away from the normal daily routine. Our mission is basically to restore, empower, and renew hope in our wounded servicemen and their families, said Lone Survivor Foundation Executive Director Terry Jung. He says the focus is to help combat soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and chronic pain.

But of the 11 retreats held in 2013 all of the facilities, whether ranches or remote cabins, were rented locations.

That s where the Texas Frog Fest on Bolivar comes in. All proceeds from the weekend event are slated to help build the foundation s first permanent facility a 5,800 square foot retreat center in the Surfside neighborhood at Crystal Beach.

Brint Construction, a major developer and builder on the peninsula, has donated the land, engineering, and construction expertise. But they still need help with lumber, drywall, labor, and other supplies.

The retreat, with one building in the shape of the Navy Cross and a second building in the shape of the Pentagon, is scheduled for groundbreaking in late April. It will give soldiers, and their families, their first permanent location to hold Lone Survivor Foundation retreats.

So that they can reach more of these soldiers and help more of them out. That s our ultimate goal for this facility, said Clint Byrom of Brint Construction.

If you would like to attend the festival or learn more about how you can help with the project, visit the websites below.

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