SAN ANTONIO - A local woman said she was kicked out of a San Antonio store along with her service dog. She's now demanding an apology.

The incident happened Tuesday afternoon at a Family Dollar Store on West Avenue and Basse Road. Amy Jo Rabold's dog is small and considered a medical alert dog. She suffers from severe asthma and other health conditions.

It's very disheartening it's like telling somebody you have a wheelchair 'you can't bring it in here because our isles are too thin,' said Rabold.

Rabold said she's more hurt than angry after she and her service dog Peanut got kicked out of the chain store.

I had my heavy coat on so it covered everything, she said.

Rabold walked in with Peanut and opened her jacket to show Peanut's designation as a service dog. She said what happened next shocked her. A woman behind the counter yelled at her and told her she couldn't walk in with her dog.

(The woman told me) 'I need to see the papers because anyone can make an insignia and say that its a service dog we need to see paper work,' said Rabold.

Even then, Rabold, who happened to have a copy of her paperwork, showed it to the woman but said it didn't help the situation.

I was upset and I kept telling her over and over again it was against the law to ask for paperwork, said Rabold.

Rabold called police and said she filed a report.

It's terrible because I have about 200 to 250 clients and I get calls like this all the time, said Laurie Gawelko, with Service Dog Express.

Gawelko said it's a class C misdemeanor to deny service to anyone with a working dog. She said in this day and age she's surprised people are not better educated about these dogs.

Rabold let out her frustration on social media and friends offered her support. In the meantime, she's debating to file suit for what she considers a case of discrimination.

KENS 5 did reach out to the Family Dollar Corporate office but did not hear back from them.
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