CHARLOTTE, N.C. A 12-year-old girl crashed into a school bus and another vehicle after taking her family car, according to the girl s mother.

The incident happened Wednesday evening at Mathis Drive and Parkway Avenue in west Charlotte.

CMPD said a silver car struck the bus and took off from the scene.

After the crash, the girl s mother told WCNC-TV the girl asked to drive the car, but she said no. Minutes later, the woman realized her car was missing.

A neighbor said he saw the girl hit a school bus, crash into another vehicle, and then drive away from the scene. Police found her in a local parking lot shortly after.

I just heard a bang, turned around, jumped out around the back, and I see a gray car going up the street, Donelle Brown said. That s ridiculous. It s a crying shame.

Police say charges are possible including reckless driving, driving without a license and hit and run.

The girl s mother said she was taken to the hospital for back injuries.

Two others were treated on scene.

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