HOUSTON -- There are new details out of Northwest Houston on an armed serial robber. Police now say he has struck at least 17 businesses and they are releasing the clearest surveillance video of him yet.

Investigators hope it will help identify him. The robberies began in August.

Police say the first business targeted was a Conoco on Westview.

Police say the man came back to rob that same store two more times. He struck a Valero along the Katy Freeway three times.

The suspect is described as six feet tall and has a beard. In each situation he pulls out a semiautomatic weapon and demands money and Newport cigarettes. He always wears sunglasses and a baseball cap and appears unusually calm.

The only trace of him is left on surveillance video.

He s been very very elusive, said Russell Gray, an investigator with the Houston Police Department. We haven t had any injuries yet, but the suspect seems like he s not going to stop.

Some clerks have since purchased additional guns to protect themselves.

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