AUSTIN, Texas -- Travis County constables are in the midst of a warrant round-up.

Senior Deputy Constable Jason Hefstetler says he has approximately 150 warrants to serve from the attorney general's office. The subjects are people who missed child support payments.

School is just starting. The custodial parents need money for school supplies, clothing, you know basic necessities for the children, explained Hefstetler.

The warrants are issued by the Attorney General s Office.

They re researched. Our clerks do an awesome job of getting us information so that we can be efficient and go to the right addresses and get them in custody quickly, said Hefstetler.

Hefstetler says some of the warrants are first-time offenders who may not realize there's a warrant out for their arrest. Others are repeat offenders.

On the first stop of the morning, Hefstetler says the subject never updated his address with the state.

A lot of them are using mom s address, aunt s address, anybody s address but their own. So we have to do a lot of research and find out you know, girlfriends, boyfriends, who they re staying with, he said.

Constables say they typically arrest just a few to more than a dozen people. The round-up will last for about a week. The Travis County Jail is prepared for an influx.

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