HOUSTON Hall of Fame broadcaster Milo Hamilton announced Tuesday that he would not be able to visit a 60th MLB ballpark like he had planned due to another round of chemotherapy treatments to help deal with leukemia.

The PR department doesn t have to put that in the press guide anymore, said Hamilton. I was going to go to Detroit, but that was two days after I got out of the hospital so that wasn t possible.

Hamilton was scheduled to visit Minnesota s Target Field as part of the team s next road trip, but per doctor s orders, Milo will not be able to travel by airplane anymore.

I m disappointed, but maybe because I made too much out of it, I wanted to make it to 60 ballparks, said Hamilton. I just thought 60 was a nice round number and it s more than anyone has ever had.

Hamilton, 85, has suffered from CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, since 1974. He was recently admitted into the hospital and underwent the first of several chemotherapy treatments last month.

My doctor tells me, I m not bringing you here to try and save your life, I m trying to prolong it , said Hamilton. A lot of people might say that I m a lucky son of a gun, and I say amen to that. I ve only had about 6 chemo treatments throughout all those years.

Hamilton called his last Astros game last year. He announced before the season that he was hoping to travel with the team now that had switched to the American League. Now, he s having to focus on his health rather than see other cities.

When you get some red flags, you make sure a take the warning, said Hamilton. I m not walking very good, but that s nothing new. I didn t walk too good two years ago. I m trying to kid through this, but I m doing very good.

Milo joined the Astros in the mid-80 s and has been a staple of Houston baseball ever since. After his retirement last year, Hamilton agreed to help the team and owner Jim Crane.

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