TEXAS CITY, Texas -- An afternoon of fishing took a tragic turn for a group of neighborhood kids in West Texas City.

The small group of boys were out on a pond behind the South Point subdivision near the Mainland Crossing shopping center.

Emergency responders were called to the pond around 4:30 p.m. after one of the boys went under and did not come back up.

Neighbor Steadman Duhon said he arrived on the scene first.

I was just shocked,Duhon said.

His 10 and 12-year-old sons were part of the group that was out on the water. They went running home after their friend disappeared beneath the water s surface.

Duhon knew he had to react quickly. He ran through a ditch and a field behind his home to get to the pond.

I was scared to death running out there because I knew what I was fixing to find, Duhon said. I got in three steps and there was a drop off. I didn t know it was that deep.

He immediately began searching in the 10 foot deep water.

I tried to go down and sink to the bottom and I couldn t. I swam down, and that s when I felt him, Duhon said.

Duhon pulled the 15-year-old boy out of the water, but it was too late. The boy s family and paramedics were waiting along the water s edge.

They identify the victim as Terrell, a familiar face in the neighborhood.

The 15-year-old s family is asking for privacy and prayers as they begin to grieve.

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