DALLAS -- It was a real life lesson in love Friday at the Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy in Dallas.

The whole school helped celebrate a very special occasion. What began with a parent teacher conference several years ago ended in I do.

It's a venue that's more accustomed to Pomp and Circumstance than the Wedding March, but for Danny Dilliard, the school's auditorium was the perfect setting to marry his sweetheart, Rhonda.

I'm a school teacher, Dilliard said. This is my family. These little children, they are my family, and I wanted to invite all my family to my wedding.

This is a special place for the bride, too. She met her groom when all three of her children were students at the school.

Rhonda and Danny had planned a small wedding, but they were easily convinced to share their special day with the whole school.

I feel great, Rhonda Dilliard said after the ceremony. I mean I didn't expect all of it, but it turned out wonderful and I'm glad. It was just overcoming. I mean, when I walked through the door and saw all the people -- I think Kate Middleton didn't have anything on me today.

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