GRAPEVINE, Texas An adult hockey game came to an abrupt and violent end Sunday night at the Polar Ice House in Grapevine.

Witnesses called 911 to report that one player hit another player in the face with a hockey stick.

He never saw it coming, said Brandon Swenson, whose friend and teammate Jon Horskey suffered serious injuries to his face. Swenson said it should never have happened.

Grapevine police released two of the 911 calls:

Caller: The hockey game was going on and someone caught a stick to the face. Lacerated probably from the ear to the eyeball-cheek area.

Operator: And he was hit in the face with the stick?

Caller: Yes.

Operator: Is he conscious?

Caller: Yes.

Operator: And is he breathing okay?

Caller: Yes. We believe his nose may be broken as well.

Here's what the other caller told dispatchers:

Caller: He's hurt really bad.

Operator: Is he awake?

Caller: Yes. He's awake and we have a doctor from the team who's working on him.

Operator: Was this an accident or did someone do it intentionally?

Caller: Oh, no, he intentionally hunted the guy down. And with two hands, hit with a stick from behind...

Operator: Do we know where the suspect is?

Caller: Yes. He's in the other locker room. Number 25 on their team.

There's no way you could justify that being an accident when two hands are on a hockey stick and it's swung like a baseball bat, Swenson said.

Police arrested 26 year-old Zachary Cunningham under suspicion of assault. Cunningham had no comment when News 8 went to his home on Tuesday.

Management at Polar Ice House had no comment either, because the incident is under investigation.

As he hopes for his Horskey's speedy recovery, Swenson is also hoping that competition on the ice will get back to being fun.


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