HOUSTON All over the nation, gun-sellers are reporting big increases in sales in the wake of the Colorado movie-theater shootings.

Jim Pruett, a local gun-seller, said he s been beyond busy since Friday.

As you look through the store, you ll notice a lot of empty spots. That s because that nut bag in Colorado shot up a lot of innocent families, he said.

Pruett said there is always a spike in sales after a high-profile incident, but this one even more so.

Five guns for every one that we would normally sell. All types, Pruett said.

During a normal week, his store would sell between one and two AR-15s. But since the shooting, the store has sold six.

In my case, I was here two weeks ago looking for a gun, said Larry Kakaska.

He is looking for something specific an AK-47.

I wasn t really motivated to buy at the time. After this...I said well...These anti-gun people are gonna go berzerk. Who knows, Kakaska said.

Now he is a buyer, sharing the gun with his son, who also fears a gun ban.

But he doesn t think a ban would stop incidents like the one in Aurora.

Things are going to happen no matter what. If you take guns away, there is going to be another way, said Dylan Kakaska.

All it takes is a form and a phone call for an instant federal background check, and another semi-automatic gun goes out the door.

And that leaves Pruett with mixed feelings.

We have a store to run, of course, and sales are great but I wouldn t want this type of sale to go on. It is tragic, he said.

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