THE WOODLANDS, Texas Two deadly crashes took place within three days along I-45 in the Woodlands area --both involving vehicles that were heading north in southbound lanes, both involving alcohol.

The latest accident Sunday morning left three people dead.

Anis Atkins, 25, and Dominique Hobbs, 27, were in the car that was going the right way on I-45.

Stephen Isbell, a passenger in the wrong-way car, was also killed.

The only survivor was the driver of that car, who troopers identified as 42-year-old Edward Blackwell. He is currently in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

The first accident to take place in the area happened Friday morning, when a 23-year-old got onto the I-45 southbound lane heading north.

That crash left two people dead and a third in critical condition.

The driver, Nicole Baukus, now faces two counts of intoxication manslaughter and one count of intoxication assault.

This is a very sad situation. It s not a road problem. It doesn t appear that the signs or any road markings would have anyone turn around and do that, said Trooper Erik Burse with the Department of Public Safety.

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