MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas Four teens are accused of trashing the home of an elderly Montgomery County woman who recently became a widow.

Elizabeth Souchers, 71, is staying with a friend while she recovers from a fractured pelvis.

Deputies were sent to her home in the River Plantation subdivision after a neighbor reported a possible burglary.

The first deputy on the scene spotted a teen boy and girl coming from the back door of the home and held them at gunpoint while calling for backup.

More officers arrived in time to see two more teen boys running out the front door and immediately gave chase.

They just came running from behind my garage and down there, said Oliver Roberts, a neighbor. I said, Hey, what s going on? And about that time, a police officer was right behind them telling them to stop.

Deputies then entered the home and found a big mess. Ceramics were broken, mirrors and picture frames had been smashed and ice cream had been slung across the living room.

A fire had been set on the kitchen counter and a broom was protruding from  the wall.

The homeowner s files, personal checks and clothes were littered across the home, mixed with liquor bottles.

That s crazy. I mean, what are these kids thinking these days? Roberts asked. I mean, don t they have anything to do?

The suspects who are all 16 years old were arrested and turned over to juvenile authorities.

A gun that was stolen from the widow s home was later found by the father of one of the young suspects. That gun has been turned over to police.

The homeowner just lost her husband five months ago. Deputies say she is devastated by what happened to her home.

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