HOUSTON Some relentless rodents are wreaking havoc at a west Houston apartment complex and residents are demanding a solution to the problem.

This is unsanitary and unsafe, said Candace D Meza, who has lived at the Princeton Club Apartments on Memorial Drive for the last year and a half.

D Meza said rats invaded her apartment several weeks ago, gnawing through wood and leaving their droppings in one room after another.

She said making matters even worse are her small children, who she fears could be in danger.

They re always on the floor picking up things and putting them in their mouth. They could get sick, D Meza said.

She took pictures and recorded video to document the situation.

Management provided glue pads to trap the rats and workers sprayed foam into open crevices. But residents claim the rodents keep coming back.

No one should have to live like this, said Bita Haghani. This is like a terrible nightmare.

Some residents said they believe the complex should do more to address the situation. KHOU 11 News tried to reach management, but officials did not return phone calls.

Recently, D Meza was placed in a new unit. Some of her neighbors want out of their leases.

More info: Houston Apartment Association resources

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