WALLER COUNTY Authorities believe three monkeys are still on the loose in Waller County.

Waller County spokesperson Jennifer Duhon said the monkeys were released last week from a primate rescue center.

The fire came up on their facility pretty fast, said Duhon. They did what all the other owners did, which is release their animals. So, we re cutting fence, letting cattle out, letting horses out, and they let their monkeys out.

Anywhere from 13 to 20 monkeys were on the loose for days. At least one person claimed to have spotted one on Riley Road in Waller County.

There were also reports that an officer was bitten by one.

Deanna Rawlings lives in Hockley and owns primates too.

It s a scary situation for anything, said Rawlings. They didn t have a place for them so they turned them loose and when they turned them loose, they were running wild.

Authorities said most of the monkeys have been caught, but three could still be free.

Rawlings said she heard some commotion a few nights ago. Law enforcement agents were at her door.

They had bananas and apples, she recalled. We thought that was so endearing, checking to see if they were ours, but they weren't ours.

Waller County officials believe the monkeys stand about 18 inches tall. If you see one of the missing monkeys, call your local law enforcement agency.

I have been told that they are not dangerous, said Duhon. However, all animals in a situation like this are under stress and who knows what could happen.

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