HOUSTON A Houston-area family is struggling to get through the holidays after a pregnant mother of four had a run-in with a drunk driver.

Six-months pregnant and driving to get eggs for a birthday cake, Kim Williams was hit by a drunk driver in Riverside on State Highway 19 at the end of November.

The impact of the crash threw Williams on the road. Authorities in Walker County say her car kept spinning and ran over her.

Her common-law husband Jason Lewis said the past few weeks have been the hardest of his life.

I just have to be strong for the kids and Kim, that s all I can do, said Lewis.

Lewis said their unborn son didn t make it, but Kim is still alive after countless surgeries at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Since the crash, the mother of four has been fighting to survive, hoping to see the children she has left.

I have a wife up here and wants to see her kids, said Lewis. That s my goal, to get them back together.

Driver Jonathan Thornberry, who had two DWI s already under his belt, has been charged with intoxicated assault and tampering with evidence.

Lewis said Thornberry never once stopped to help his wife.

How do you drink and drive and then hit someone, and instead of checking on that person, throwing out beer cans in your car? wondered Lewis.

Lewis said if there s one thing to be learned from his family s story, it s the age-old message.

Don t drink and drive, it s not worth it, he said.

The young children, ranging from ages 1 to 7, were finally able to see their mother for the first time on Christmas Eve, the same night Williams learned she lost her baby.

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