HOUSTON -- University of Houston students joined college students across the nation Thursday in protesting rising tuition rates.

The protestors said they are taking a stand against tuition hikes that have become the norm for many universities.

The University of Houston Board of Regents voted last month to raise the tuition for students across its campuses.

Starting this fall, tuition and fees will be increased by 3.95 percent at the main campus. Regents said they did everything they could to trim the university's budget before increasing the cost to students.

The tuition hike would affect students attending other UH campuses, as well. UH Clear Lake students would see a 4.5 percent increase, UH downtown students would see a 5.1 percent increase and UH Victoria students would see a 3.8 percent increase.

Additionally, graduate students will see an average cost increase of 7.7 percent, with the law school seeing the largest jump at 20 percent.

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