HOUSTON -- A reserve deputy constable is in jail after police say he pulled gun on tree trimmers who were in his backyard.

He shot at the tree guys, said neighbor Barry Reynolds.

Darial Gass, a private investigator and reserve deputy constable with Precinct 6, has been charged with deadly conduct.

Residents in the neighborhood near W. Tidwell Road and Bingle said they got a notice about two weeks ago from Centerpoint Energy.

The utility company planned to have contract tree trimmers on Knotty Wood Drive.

I mean they've been in our yard, said Reynolds. We got notice they were gonna be here.

Neighbors say the workers had been in the backyard for about half an hour when Gass reportedly called 9-1-1 and grabbed a gun as the men walked around to the front.

Parents and school children were outside during the entire ordeal.

I heard a gunshot and when I came out the officer was already here and had a gun drawn on the neighbor, recalled Reynolds. He was still holding a weapon and he was flashing a badge.

Dionne Hernandez is with Davey Tree Service.

He said they knocked on the man's door before going in his backyard but no one answered.

I say please don't kill me, said Hernandez. I am good man. He say I am the police boom one shot.

Gass was put in the back of a squad car and his lawyers kept blocking the windows so we couldn't get any video of him.

The reserve deputy is charged with deadly conduct.

Precinct 6 tell us that Gass has been put on leave during the investigation. His gun and badge have also been taken away.

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