LEAGUE CITY, Texas Police have increased patrols around League City schools following a stranger danger alert.

A child reported that a suspicious person approached him Monday when he was walking home from Walter Hall Elementary School.

The boy said the older, white-haired man asked if he was locked out of his home. The stranger then asked the boy to get into his red faded car. Instead, the child ran to a neighbor s home.

He knew not to get into the vehicle with a stranger. He knew something didn t feel right and he knew to go to a house that had a safe adult in it, said League City Police Officer Reagan Pena.

Clear Creek ISD added extra patrols at the school Tuesday and sent a letter home to parents.

There were two other incidents Monday involving strangers who approached Clear Creek ISD students on their way home from school. Police don t believe they are related.

Clear Creek Independent School District officials encourage all parents to teach their children how to respond to such situations.

Walk in groups, so children walking with other children. Or a stay-at-home parent meet them at their halfway point and them getting them to their location, said Pena.

Pena says the incident is a reminder to teach children the best way to react when they are approached by a stranger.

Bad people come in all shapes and sizes. Bad people can look like good people. And as parents, we need to know how to react in the situation, said Pena.

Anyone who sees a suspicious person is asked to call to the League City Police Department at 281-332-2566 or 911.  Look for license plate numbers, make and model of the vehicle, direction of travel, and any stickers or defects on the vehicle.

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