HAYS COUNTY, Texas -- Speed limits are changing on parts of U.S. Highway 290 in Hays County.

Crews with the Texas Department of Transportation began installing new signs Tuesday morning.

The speed limit is dropping from 65 to 60 miles-per-hour. The change stretches out along Highway 290 between Nutty Brown Road and Rob Shelton Boulevard.

There have been a number of fatal crashes along that portion of the highway, including one head-on collision in September last year that killed four people. The very next month an Austin police officer died when his car hydroplaned on the slick road and he crossed into oncoming traffic, hitting a pickup truck.

Those who live in the area launched an online petition following the fatal collisions, asking TxDOT to lower the speed limit. In the petition the group cites TxDOT data that shows there were 170 crashes along that portion of Highway 290 since 2012.

Nearly 700 people signed the petition. The next month TxDOT approved the lower speed limit, which takes effect immediately.

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