HOUSTON A driver caused quite a mess after crashing into a northwest Harris County apartment, ending a police chase, Sunday night.

According to Houston police, the driver was speeding away from the scene after striking two cars and lost control, careened into a fence, then plowed through the wall of an apartment and into a family s living room on FM 1960 and Greenwood.

Five people were inside the apartment when it happened. One of them was pinned against a wall momentarily, but was not injured.

To me, it sounded like a dump truck or somebody trying to force their way in; much like an earthquake or something like that, said Jovan Chacier, resident. But I started going slowly down the stairs and the next thing you know my stepfather started hurrying and pushing us into the room because we didn t know what happened. Next thing you know, we just see the car, point blank, in our house.

And the thing is the car, it kept going. It kept pressing on the gas and we have the skid marks in the living room, said Jana Mosely.

The crash left major damages, destroying furniture and other items, but the Christmas tree remained standing.

The driver was taken into custody and is facing a number of charges.

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