KATY, Texas A freshman at Katy High School claims she was raped by a classmate on campus, and her parents feel the school did nothing to stop it.

The 15-year-old said she was sexually assaulted under a stairwell by a 15-year-old boy during lunch period.

The girl s father feels school staff did nothing to stop it.

Where is the whole staff? Why do they let them out of the lunchroom? he said. I m a parent. You don t want your daughter to go through anything. She s still my baby.

The teen s parents said they didn t find out about the alleged assault on Dec. 9 until almost a week later from their daughter s friends.

They also found out about something else. Their daughter had been pulled out of class three days prior for suspicion of being on drugs

We could ve prevented a lot of things. That should have never happened. One thing, we could ve prevented her from taking drugs, the father said.

He now believes his daughter had been abusing prescription pills, and he s convinced that made her a vulnerable target.

The girl s father said the school ignored warning signs and failed to notify him and the mother.

When she was under the influence, the other kid took advantage of her. She said no, and he kept on going, the father said.

A Katy ISD spokesman admits the school did not tell the girl s parents about her being pulled from class. The district released the following statement:

There was no evidence that the student in question was on any type of substance based on the fact that she passed a sobriety test and did not admit to taking anything.

The alleged assault is now under investigation by Katy ISD Police.

A camera inside the school apparently captured what happened, but the district said it cannot share the video with the parents because of legal reasons.

The 15-year-old is set to meet with forensic experts for an interview on Friday.

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