HOUSTON -- Black Friday starts a day early as many stores open the doors before the turkey is even digested.

The Best Buy on the Katy Freeway near Bunker Hill Road Road opened at 6 p.m. and the line to get in was wrapped around the building.

We're gonna get six TVs, a camera, two tablets, said Jaqueline Constantino walking around with a shopping cart. She's been in the line, waiting since Sunday!

Constantine has help from cousins, brothers, and a sister named Carla Velasquez on this post turkey-eating mission.

Do you do this every year? asked reporter Tiffany Craig. Every year, Velasquez answered. But we lost our list in the rush.

At Toys-R-Us, the store opened at 5 p.m., 3 hours earlier than last year.

I just really want to get some stuff for my little boy for Christmas and thanksgiving, said Damon Chik

Early Black Friday customers argue that the deals and the experience are worth the lines and the waiting.

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