HOUSTON Houston Fire Chief Terry Garrison has had a change of heart about his decision to resign and move back to Phoenix.

Chief Garrison cited his 2-year-old grandchild s medical needs and the distance to Phoenix as reasons for his resignation. Instead,his entire family hasdecided to move to Houston.

We initially felt Phoenix was the best place logistically to care for our grandson. However, shortly after submitting my resignation, there was a major change in his health care needs that makes Houston and the Texas Medical Center our best hope in moving Jack s health in a positive direction, said Chief Garrison in his letter to HFD members. I look forward to continuing as Fire Chief of this great city and I am comforted knowing that my family will be embraced in the same manner.

Garrison s grandson was born with a condition called failure to feed and must be fed through a tube in his stomach.

Garrison s wife has been living in Phoenix and helping to take care of the boy. She recently decided to retire so she could help out full time. The chief had been traveling to Phoenix on weekends.

Mayor Parker was in the early stages of finding Garrison s replacement and said she was pleased that he has decided to stay.

Chief Garrison has made great strides for our fire department, and while I know of his family s hardships, I welcome his decision to stay in Houston to keep that momentum going, said Mayor Parker. His family will have access to the best resources in the medical field, and that is part of what makes our city great.

HFD said Garrison s family will relocate to Houston in the next few months.

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