HOUSTON As temperatures went down, water levels went up as a determined storm soaked Houston to the bone. Some cars got stuck and businesses got cut off, making it an all-around mess for some.

It was a challenge for those who tried to drive in it.

Along Washington Avenue, Ryan Hattenbach got stuck along with a number of other drivers who did not realize the water was rising so fast.

Well I was going and I had gas. And I was going and I got to this point and it started sputtering and it stalled out, Hattenbach said. I worried about what I was going to do cause I was in the middle of the road.

Fortunately he made it out safely as the water crept up to the top steps of nearby businesses. Police sent cars and trucks in the direction of drier ground while others were simply caught off-guard.

Some did the best they could with broken umbrellas, but others had no other option but to roll hrough their day.

Oh, man it s crazy our here, one soaked man said.

While heavy rains are nothing new and the rising waters aren t often a surprise, it doesn t make it any easier for those caught up in the storm.

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