AUSTIN, Texas -- For the first time, we are hearing from someone who witnessed a fight Thursday morning at Austin High School that landed a parent, 36-year-old Christie Franklin, in jail.

All of a sudden we see the mom walk in with the daughter and she goes to the table where all the girls are at and they confront each other, said an Austin High School student, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

Thursday morning before classes began, Austin ISD Police said Franklin walked up to a group of students in the cafeteria.

They started getting louder and louder to the point where there was yelling and they started cussing, the student told KVUE.

They started throwing hits and the AP (assistant principal) walked in -- and they started fighting.

The district said Franklin hit an assistant principal who tried to intervene, causing minor injuries.

The mom pushed the AP and got on top of the girl and started punching her so they were on the table basically, the witness said.

A student was also hit and injured.

In the process of throwing punches, two separate students were assaulted, said AISD s Chief of Police Eric Mendez.

That s when AISD police detained the mother and arrested her.

AISD said they cannot confirm that the fight started over bullying.

What we do know is that the two students, the arrestee's daughter and another student, have had issues in the past, Mendez said.

Franklin is charged with assault and assault on a public servant.

Austin ISD police said they believe this is an isolated incident.

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