High school football season is just a week old in Texas and already, the state may have seen the play of the year.

A&M Consolidated and Copperas Cove combined to score 44 points in the final three and half minutes of the game, but the ending is what everyone is talking about.

With Copperas Cove leading 41-38 with only one second left in the game, A&M Consolidated return man Luke Benden fielded the ensuing kick-off, pitched it to Daniel Zivney, who then got it into the hands of Brandon Jackson.

Jackson, then gave it Derrick Dick who made his way from one sideline to the other before racing down the field to score the game winning touchdown with no time left on the clock. All in all, the return went 60 yards.

The Tigers won the game 44-41

The only thing missing from this was a band on the field. Below is the video of the play.

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