HOUSTON Gotcha Pest Control was working Monday to remove hundreds of thousands of bees that killed a family s dog last week in north Houston.

The attack happened Thursday in the backyard of a house in the 100 block of Coach Road near Aldine Bender Road and Imperial Valley Drive.

Manuel Rodriguez Sr. was mowing his son s backyard and Ace was tied up while he worked.

Ace was tied up here and he was over here, Manuel Jr. said. He heard him barking so he brought him some water. He heard him barking and yelping again and he saw the bees.

The bees were living in a large oak tree in the backyard, but the Rodriguez family never imagined they would attack.

I mean I had seen a couple before but I didn t think it was anything to this extent, Manuel Jr. said.

The elder Rodriguez tried to get the bees off the dog and was pulling him down the street but it was too late.

He went inside the house to tell his grandson, Isaac.

My grandpa, he said, your dog is dead, Isaac said. I opened the door to get a better look.

Thirteen-year-old Isaac walked outside and saw Ace s limp body in the yard.

I loved that dog, Isaac said. I was thinking man I didn t want Ace to die like this.

Manuel Sr. ended up in the hospital for his stings and was expected to get out of the hospital on Friday.

KHOU 11 News called Claude Griffin with Gotcha Pest Control to come out and take a look at the tree.

He said there were 15 feet of bees inside the trunk and more than 250 pounds of honey.

After his quick check, he noticed something else.

The case is you have some African bees and some honey bees, Griffin said. They are fighting over who s going to live in this house.

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