HOUSTON People in a southeast Houston neighborhood are living in fear after a string of unsolved suspicious fires.

I m too afraid to leave the house, said Beulah Allen. I m scared, but I can t do anything about it. I just put a prayer on it.

Allen lives across the street from the most recent fire, which occurred Tuesday night near the intersection of Fairland and Dulcrest.

It was the third suspected arson in the neighborhood in a span of less than 24 hours.

Authorities believe an accelerant was used to ignite the houses, which were all unoccupied at the time.

It s kind of close, and it makes you wonder if someone is going through the neighborhood torching things, said homeowner Adrienne Phillips.

Another homeowner expressed similar concerns.

I m wondering who it is doing that, and why they re doing it and whether or not I ll be next, she said.

So far, no one has been arrested. People with information were being urged to contact arson investigators or police.

In the meantime, Allen said she planned to stay awake at night.

You can t sleep. You can t rest. What can you do? she said.

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