AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas lawmakers still have a long list of issues left to tackle in the special session of the Texas Legislature. Governor Perry called the special session at the end of May when the Legislature officially adjourned.

The Senate Redistricting Committee will tackle a dispute over district lines beginning Wednesday. It began in 2011 when a federal court ruled that maps drawn by the Legislature were discriminatory against minority voters. Interim maps were drawn by federal judges and used in the 2012 election. The commitee chairman hopes to either permanently adopt the interim maps or approve an alternate set of maps. An alternate set could risk the governor's veto.

Several other items have also recently been added to the special session. One controversial issue up for debate concerns abortion providers and facilities.

Lawmakers will also tackle establishing a mandatory sentence of life without parole for a capital felony committed by a 17-year-old offender.

Earlier this week, Governor Perry added transportation funding to the agenda.

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