HOUSTON Off the interstate, traffic was fierce and police set up road blocks allowing only homeowners and work crews into the area hardest hit.

To get there, KHOU 11 News hitched a ride with Roland and Amber Bowie. They showed us what was left of their 4,000 square-foot home.

Right here is my front door and I was sitting here in my study most of the day, and it is gone, said Amber Bowie.

Just before the history-making storm touched down, she ran and joined five others in a tiny room, where their lives were spared.

The couple returned home Wednesday to search for pictures and anything else that can t be replaced.

There s one thing I want to find and that s my wedding ring, she said.

The couple were trying to search for pictures and anything that else can t be replaced

It was sitting on the sink next to her watch when the tornado hit. The couple will celebrate 15 years together on Saturday.

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