HOUSTON - Prostate cancer has long been considered an old man's disease. But it's not. Gabe Canales was diagnosed at 35 and now knows that prostate cancer prevention should begin when men are boys.

The former Houston marketing and PR executive didn't even know what a PSA meant until such an inadvertent test of his blood revealed he had prostate cancer.

That galvanized Canales into action. He quickly launched the non-profit Blue Cure Foundation, which now has a Facebook following of many thousands across the globe offering support to men and working to educate all men, but especially a younger generation, Canales said.

As founder and spokesman for Blue Cure -- the men's side of women's pink breast cancer movement -- Canales has spoken at conferences across America. He's also appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates in New York, Los Angeles, Houston and other cities to alert Americans that the top cancer killer of men must be stopped.

Each year, another 240,000 brothers, husbands, sons and fathers are diagnosed. Canales believes many of those cancers are preventable, via an anticancer approach of dietary and lifestyle changes and engaging in stress management techniques. Blue Cure supports such preventative measures to stop cancer before it starts, as well as research for a cure.

Prevention involves becoming educated on anticancer dietary habits and environmental factors in the home and around us, as well as avoiding toxic chemicals and engaging in stress management techniques. If diagnosed, a patient should take an integrative approach combining holistic with conventional approaches.

Listen to these testimonials from Houstonians who have joined the movement to live a healthy lifestyle.

Join us today - and save the date for a Blue Cure benefit 'Party in Blue' at ZaZa Houston on May 31.

Kevin Moran
Recent A&M Graduate

'A co-worker of mine shared his knowledge of the Blue Cure Foundation with me. I was shocked to learn 50% of all cancers are preventable and wanted to know what I could do today to make a difference. That's why I joined the Blue Cure movement to become knowledgeable. Join today!'

Angela Zatopek
UT Graduate & current reality TV star

'This really hits home for me when I think of all the men in my life including my father and my brothers. One in two men are going to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. It's important to learn how to reduce the risk of cancer. It's really empowering for me to learn of ways to reduce this risk of cancer. Join our movement today.'

Bryan Kaase
Current University St. Thomas student & college athlete

'As a college athlete, health and fitness is a top priority. I joined the Blue Cure movement so I can learn the anti-cancer lifestyle. Join our movement today.'

Elevia Le
College student

'Blue Cure. It's not just a cancer movement, it's a lifestyle. We're not just raising awareness, we're focused on the prevention and education of cancers of all types. Share a movement with the men in your lives by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. Join our movement today.'

Cheryl Alexander
Yoga Instructor

'Most of you know me from Yoga. Today, I'm here to share the message of the Blue Cure. Did you know that one in two men will be diagnosed with some form of cancer and one in three women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer? We need to learn about the chemicals in our foods and the toxins in our homes and the other environmental factors that have contributed to the rise of cancer. Become educated, become empowered. Join the movement and do it now.'

Henoc Jean
Current University St. Thomas student & college athlete

'BlueCure is more than just a t-shirt. It's more than just a color. It's more than just a symbolism. Blue Cure is a movement. It's about living an anti-cancer lifestyle. It's about making healthy choices today to beat cancer tomorrow. Join our movement today.'

Caleb Williams
Current college student & college athlete

'As a member of the University of St. Thomas Men's Basketball team, I've had an opportunity to become familiar with the Blue Cure movement. It is a great organization that emphasizes cancer prevention and helps empower individuals to take better care of themselves. Encourage people to take a moment to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Join our movement.'

Blue Cure Foundation's mission is to save lives by promoting an integrative approach to prostate cancer treatment, by advocating increased funding for research and by encouraging preventative anticancer dietary and lifestyle habits before cancer can strike. Blue Cure also provides a global forum for support and information-sharing among prostate cancer survivors, caregivers, doctors and advocates.

Join the movement today. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Join us today and save the date for a Blue Cure benefit 'Party in Blue' at ZaZa Houston on May 31.

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