HOUSTON A father got way too rough with his 10-year-old son after getting upset with the boy over a game of football, according to Houston police.

Marty Andrews, 37,was charged with felony injury to a child.

Witnesses said on February 26, they saw Andrews choke his son, bite him on the forehead, then body slam him on the hood of a car. He also grabbed his son by the shirt and threw him into a chain link fence, according to court documents. He then allegedly lifted his son off the ground and hung him on the fence.

The victim agreed that his dad abused him in that manner. He also said his dad was asking him questions while squeezing his throat, but he could not answer because he could not breathe or speak.

Andrews disagreed with the severity of the punishment.

He said he thought his son was fighting with other children while they played football in the yard and that made him upset. He admitted that he called his son over and held him up against the chain link fence while holding his neck, but said he did not squeeze it very hard.

Andrews admitted that he did lift the boy up by his jacket and placed him on the hood of a nearby vehicle. As for the bite on the forehead, Andrews said his teeth accidentally hit his son s forehead.

He said he was only trying to teach his boy a lesson.

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