HOUSTON -- Residents in southwest Houston are credited with helping save a man s life after he crashed his car into a tree, causing it to catch fire.

Witnesses said it was shortly before midnight Sunday when the man crashed his light color sedan while heading eastbound on Heatherbrook near Catina.

The vehicle apparently hit a speed bump at a high rate of speed,and the driver lost control. The vehicle slammed into a tree head-on, andthe carcaught fire with the driver trapped inside.

Neighbors quickly started putting water on theblaze to keep it under control until firefighters arrived.

Mr. Sherman, the guy on the corner, had the water hose and was trying to extinguish he flames, said witness Medgar Carr. A couple of neighbors, because the smoke was so intense, they took a brick and busted the window. So I really believe the guys in this community helped save the guy. I really do.

The Houston Fire Department was able to put out the fire and cut away the vehicle s door to get the driver out. He was sent to the hospital with unknown injuries.

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