AUSTIN, Texas-- Even though the Longhorns and Aggies may not play each other anymore, it looks like someone is trying to keep the rivalry going.

Texas A&M related graffiti has been spray painted across the UT campus. Students walking around campus Sunday say the graffiti is cheap and ugly.

Most of it surrounds the iconic UT Tower. You see the first graffiti as you walk up the steps. Then on the surrounding walls, you see words associated with Texas A&M University, like Howdy, Gig 'em, and Farmers fight.

Also as you walk away from the tower, you can see the A&M logo spray painted on the back of the Jefferson Davis and Woodrow Wilson statues.

Students say it's disrespectful. The windows of the building next to the tower are also painted. Here you find the question, Do you miss us yet? as well as SEC.

Texas A&M joined the Southeastern Conference this year. UT is in the Big 12.

Campus police say the graffiti is under investigation.

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