CYPRESS Some parents in the Cy Fair Independent School District sounded off about a new sex-education curriculum that district officials plan to offer to seventh graders beginning this school year.

The parents voiced their concerns Monday night during at a meeting.

The 12-lesson course involves a series of videos that teach kids about abstinence, condoms and unplanned pregnancy. But some parents said they wanted no part of it.

It goes against the grain of the moral fiber and against what s right for our community, said Teresa Geiaheker.

Another parent agreed.

It just glorifies bad choice, said Jennifer Fleck. It makes fun of it. It makes light of it.

The lessons are part of the UT Health Science curriculum and school officials said they were based on evidence. But parents were given the choice to opt their children out of the new lessons if desired.

It s transparency, said Kelli Durham, a spokesperson for Cy Fair schools. Parents can look at that and make decisions about their child. So it s not an all or nothing.

District officials said the new course would be made available next month to about 500 seventh graders at schools throughout the district.

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