HOUSTON Police are investigating a fight that broke out at a funeral home between family of the deceased and a guest.

The funeral taking place at Paradise Funeral Home on the 10400 block of West Montgomery Friday morning was for a victim of a homicide.

Family members believed that one man in attendance was the person responsible for the deceased s murder, according to investigators. Claube Kibbie was found dead on Wednesday after his vehicle crashed into an apartment complex.

A fight broke out in which police say the guest was beaten and pushed through a window.

The injured man fled, but police pulled him over a few blocks away. There was blood visible in and outside his car from the assault and broken glass.

Police say that the man in question was one of the last people to call Claude Kibbie before he was killed. Homicide detectives interviewed him and let him go.

No one was arrested for the assault, although investigators say they will interview the funeral guest again.

The police ended up making most of the people leave the funeral home, but the family stayed and finished laying their loved one to rest.

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