HOUSTON Houston is my home, but where did my ancestors come from? The answer starts with a kit.

I m going to take a DNA sample, to find out where the DNA goes, what countries of origin. A simple swab inside both cheeks for 60 seconds, will unlock the key to my past.

My DNA is tested in a lab on the North Loop, Family Tree DNA is the largest genetic DNA company in the world.

What we like to say at Family Tree DNA, is we can tell you things about yourself that you can t determine by looking in a mirror, said Bennett Greenspan, with Family Tree DNA.

There are two tests, one for the men on my father s side of the family and one for the women on my mother s side.

First let s look at her lineage.

We found three matches to your DNA, two in Poland and one in Czechoslovakia, which means your mother s mother s mother is central European.

This is not a total surprise. It confirms the family stories that my great grandmother was either white, or at least bi-racial. But the tests on my father s side were surprising.

My dad s parents moved to the northeast from South Carolina in the 1920s.

So your father s father s father was European, and it looks like north and west Europe, whereas your mother s side was from Central Europe, Greenspan said.

The DNA on my father s side, matches people, whose DNA is traced to the Netherlands, England, Ireland and Italy.

I talked with my dad about the discvoery via Skype, and he was amazed.

That s amazing, that s absolutely amazing, Hugh Morgan said. You know I think it s wonderful because, clearly, we are, you know all connected.

DNA is hard evidence, which shines a light on your past.

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