HOUSTON A man has been charged after allegedly threatening a family court judge over the phone and on Facebook.

Ezra Osman, 28, has been charged with retaliation, a felony.

On May 9, Osman allegedly called family court judge David Farr s office several times to harass to his ex-wife Iris Guillen, who is employed as Farr s office clerk.

Osman had made harassing calls to Guilen at the office before, according to police.

While Osman was on the phone with Guillen, the judge picked up the extension and told Osman that if he continued to tie up the phone lines, he would be in trouble.

Osman is accused of cursing at the judge and threatening to go to his office and harm him.

Police say that Osman later posted on his Facebook page, Got my heads are going to roll started with that punk a** da D.A....

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