WALLER, Texas The man charged with killing his family in Waller is on suicide watch behind bars. Authorities still don t know what pushed Trey Sesler over the edge. So, KHOU 11 News asked a psychologist to provide some insight.

We have predictors, but no prediction, said Dr. Gail Gross, a child and family psychologist.

Gross is not Sesler s psychologist and knows of him only through media reports.

However, she s seen enough to recognize mental breaks in Sesler s behavior.

Tuesday, Sesler s great aunt Weda Frierson told us he was strange.

(Trey) almost acted as he didn t know us, Frierson said. He has been under some kind of treatment for some time for, I really don t know what the problem was.

At 22, he never worked full-time, lived with his parents and spent hours on the computer studying serial killers and mass shootings. For two to four years, investigators said Sesler had been planning an attack. He admitted to practicing by killing animals, including family pets.

In his grandmother s yard, KHOU 11 News found one grave marked with the words, forgive me.

Police said Sesler left similar messages inside his family s home after killing them.

When people have psychic breaks, when they split like that... that is what happens. That is what happens, Dr. Gross said.

Dr. Gross said Sesler clearly displayed red flags for years and needed more people to intervene. She believes his mental breaks were caused by something that made him feel isolated. It is a feeling she said every parent should invade their child s privacy to prevent.

If we don t catch the real red flags along the way, then the child that s out of control gains control, but the society around that child loses control and becomes vulnerable, Dr. Gross said.

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